No more VU-ing problems

Have you ever tried to view something on a monitor in full sunlight? There are many factors that will make this task harder than normal.  This may include sun glare, reflections, or low screen brightness. These inconveniences make accomplishing your task all but impossible.


Do you wish you could find a monitor for viewing in bright sunlight? The search is over.  Tru-Vu SRM-10.4 Sunlight Readable Monitors will solve your viewing problems.


The series of Sunlight Readable Monitors has been created for your specific viewing needs.  A sharp, clear image is displayed on a 10.4” LCD Monitor and be seen with the sun directly beating down on your screen. Your problem of not being able to clearly view the screen has been solved. The use of Anti-Reflective Outer Glass and Optical Bonding eliminate internal reflections, squinting, and the need of sun shields.  This monitor gets even more perfect for the outdoors, it is has Shock/Vibration Resistance to save the day from any accidents.


USA Security Systems is your one stop distributor for these monitors and more, if you are interested in this monitor call one of our Sales Representatives today at 888-875-6091.







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