Top 5 Reasons the dPict Nexeon HDI Interface Board is worth it’s weight in gold

When you are setting up a camera for high detail work especially things involving microscopy, robotics, automation inspection, military, and aviation or medical procedures/applications then you will need one of the best frame grabbers in the camera industry. The dPict Nexeon HDI Interface Board is the one board that can cover all the bases even if you are using it for something that doesn’t need as much precision and detail like security or surveillance this can be both a time saver and improvement of your overall setup, here are the just 5 of the many reasons why you need this in your camera control setup.


1. DVI and HDMI input support for your security systems

When it comes to connections it helps to make things easy when you have all the hookups you need to implement the system you want and in today’s day and age that makes HDMI a must but its also very adaptable with DVI or Digital Visual Interface hookups for a direct connection to computer or server or controller.

2. PCI Express 2.0 4x Interface Connection for quick video transfer

The high speed connection only helps speed things up when you need it and time is important as it allows you to connect and transfer data at some of the highest speeds possible going as high as 1GB/sec. on data transfers.

3. Simultaneous real-time transfer of video to system memory

Being able to transfer video or image data is the core reason to get a frame grabber and being able to do it simultaneously and in real time is another level of game changer that makes this one of the best options on the market.

4. Real-time image processing

While we are on the topic of image and video processing and transfer capabilities, I would be remiss not to mention that the dPict Nexeon HDI Interface Board is also a pro at image processing and hardware codecs that enable the recording or clipping and processing of an image in real time as the video is being captured. That way you can process it in the moment rather than potentially forgetting later.

5. Supports multiple compression standards

Whether it’s H.264, MPEG4 or MJPEG they are enabled for playback with a real-time hardware CODEC to transfer either compressed or uncompressed video or image data to memory simultaneously while recording or playing back video.

Whatever your reason for needing a frame grabber if you are someone who has an attention for the smallest details or its required in your application then the dPict Nexeon HDI Framegrabber is the perfect fit for your business or needs. We also have other frame grabbers if you prefer another brand or need another type for a different application on our frame grabbers page. Whatever it is you need we have got you covered, contact us today to find out even more in-depth info on this and other great camera and security related products at or give us a call at 888-875-6091.