Omni IP ‘hands free’ Plug-and-Play Cameras from KT&C, Bring Security & Surveillance Applications to New Levels

When it comes to high quality, high performance security & surveillance cameras, USA Security Systems Technologies is there to provide superior products at cost-effective prices. Their extensive list of brand name manufacturers equals a sure fit for all security surveillance camera needs. One of their more recognized product partners, KT&C Inc., (Korea Technology and Communications, Inc.) foremost in the realm of digital video surveillance expertise, provides the utmost technologically developed and complete security solutions available. Offering several choices of the Omni-IP 3 MP (MegaPixel) IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras that meet IP66 weather proof rating, outside observation applications are easily, efficiently and seamlessly managed. Utilizing the camera’s ability to protect valuable assets, and personnel, these “eyes” can be located in dangerous location, silently watching and safeguarding their assignment. With KT&C Inc.’s flawless quality in observation and security resolutions, the future of surveillance is already here.

Security & Surveillance Versatility with Style

The four 3MP (Mega Pixel) IR (InfraRed) KT&C outdoor models discussed below, show the dramatic contrast in camera style needed for security & surveillance applications, and are able to accomplish their tasks due to their exceptional attributes. These dual PoE (Power over Ethernet)/12 VDC power supply surveillance cameras accomplish what the human eye cannot. With multiple camera designs, their outside appearance can be as varied as the applications they safeguard.

This array of cameras, the Mini Bullet camera (KNC-p3BR4IR), Dome camera (KNC-p3DR4IR), EXIR Super Beam LED Turret Camera (KNC-p3TR4XIR) and the Bullet Camera (KNC-p3BR28V12IR), are able to monitor outside locations discretely and flawlessly, and share multiple common features. All have a pre-installed Omni IP ‘hands free’ Plug-and-Play system, allowing for simple connection to a PoE switch, and results in easy and immediate video streaming. Having a 3X digital zoom display for increased quality imagery, the resulting video is flawless. Able to view and record 3MP (MegaPixel) resolution video at up to 20 FPS (Frames Per Second) from a 1/3” progressive scan CMOS image sensor, they have real time 30 frames per second streaming at 1920×1080 (1080p)/1280×720 (720p). The resulting 3MP images contain nine times the pixel detail compared to traditional analog camera images.  All of these cameras can be supported by Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari (with O/S compatible plug-in). With their broad On Screen Display (OSD) capabilities, they have in-camera video motion, video loss or tampering detection; an alarm sends signals directly to the Network Video Recorder (NVR), sends an email, or uploads to an FTP site. They have a low light sensitivity of .07lux with true day or night ICR (Infrared Cut filter Removal) for optimum daytime color reproduction with little or no light sensitivity, and these features can be controlled directly from an Omni IP NVR.

The KT&C KNC-p3BR4IR, is a 3 MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Mini Outdoor Bullet camera with a lens focal length of 4mm covering a 70° field of view. With its optional 6mm and 12mm lenses, greater magnification is available when needed.  Low light or no light coverage is improved by 30 IR LED 850 nm with a 100 foot range. Able to accomplish dual streaming at different frame rates (H.264/MJPEG) and bandwidth (32Kb/s to 12.3Mb/s), this IR IP66 network camera records accurately and instantaneously. Its compact bullet housing with sunshield, is adjustable for 360°pan and rotation, and 90° tilt for adaptable positioning, and is a mere 6.7” x 2.8” in size, and weighs only 1.1pounds.

The KNC-p3DR4IR 3MP IR KT&C’s Rugged Dome Camera, has a compact 2-axis dome housing, is small at 4.37” diameter × 3.24” high, and weighs a mere 1.1 pounds.  Its impressive 355 degree pan and 65 degree tilt for adaptable ceiling mounting makes it a first choice for those areas where full revolution of the camera is imperative. Besides its IP66 weather resistant rating, and 22Degree F~140Degree F temperature range, this dome camera is also vandal resistant (IK10), and is ideal for those applications where safety and security of the area, and the camera are necessary. Like the KNC-p3BR4IR, mini outdoor bullet camera, it is equipped with a fixed focal length of 4mm covering 70° field of view,  and has an optional 2.8mm lens for wider viewing, and has two optional lenses (6mm and 12mm) for increased magnification. Its quick shutter speed of 1/30s to 1/100,000s makes sure nothing is missed.

Its low light sensitivity is boosted by 30 IR LEDs (850nm) with a 100 foot range, and smart IR control of image contrasts regardless of how bright or close the objects are in the setting. When low light is an issue, the KNC-p3DR4IR’s competent OSD abilities takes full control of the image quality, altering the image brightness to produce accurate results. Video can be uploaded to a PC (Personal Computer), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) for video storage. Several mounting options are available; black box, wall, pole corner, and a special order angle mount, so it really can be mounted anywhere.

KT&C’s EXIR Super Beam LED Rugged Outdoor Turret Camera, model KNC-p3TR4XIR, has a housing designed to deliver a complete 360 degree pan and rotation for the camera, and 75 degrees of tilt for adaptable placement. One infrared super beam LED 850nm wavelength illuminates its subjects, and can observe in a complete circle. Extremely capable, and weather resistant, the camera can be operated almost anywhere, and can be mounted on a pole, with a wall arm, or in a corner.

This high end camera is 5 inches in diameter, and 3.84″ high, and weighs only a pound and a half. With a lens focal length of 4mm covering 70° field of view, it too has a wider view lens of 2.8mm lens, or 6 and 12mm for additional enlargement of the item. Its EXIR Super Beam IR LED with 100 foot range enhances low or no light coverage, thus, it really can see in the dark. Security surveillance becomes a snap!

With viewing resolutions of 1920×1080 (1080p)/1280×720 (720p), it streams video in real time at 30 frames per second, and has 2048×1536 3 megapixel value at maximum resolution. Its low light sensitivity of .07 lux and precise Day/Night (ICR) equals the best daytime color reproduction available. Its OSD abilities include dual streaming in H.264/MJPEG with fixed/variable bandwidth control from 32Kb/s to 12.3Mb/s. With a built in alarm triggers that identifies motion detection, video loss and tampering, it then informs an NVR, sends an email or uploads the information to an FTP site.

The KNC-P3BR28V12IR 3MP Network IR Rugged Outdoor Bullet Camera was designed explicitly for outdoor use, and is appropriate for all outdoor  locations.  Simple to install, and with its compact size of 4.13” x 10.5” and 2.65 pounds, this camera is a true necessity for security applications. Installations can be customized; the camera can be mounted to 4″ electrical box or KA-BRJB1 junction box, using a KA-BRPM1 pole mount, or KA-BRCM1 corner mount with or without a junction box.

Excellent image quality thanks to the built-in 3MP resolution and 3X digital zoom, produce crystal clear images. The 3D DNR improves the low light image clarity by recording greater scene details and decreases bandwidth/NVR disk utilization. It displays real time 30FPS streaming, has low light sensitivity and dual streaming in H.264/MJPEG that assumes control of the fixed/variable bandwidth control. And with 30 FPS real time streaming, and dual streaming in H.264/MJPEG with fixed and variable bandwidth control, it delivers a high quality security surveillance video in 3MP resolution. The Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR) of the camera focuses on bright or unbalanced scene lighting (from shadows to highlights), whereas the Back Light Compensation (BLC) exclusively controls scenes with back lit subjects. Its lens focal length of 4mm, covering a 70 degree field of view, and optional 6mm and 12mm lenses provide additional magnification. And its low light or no light coverage is enriched by 42 IR LEDs with a 100 foot range.

Security & surveillance is a modern day necessity. These KT&C surveillance video cameras from USA Security Systems Technologies save lives and property, while being practically invisible.

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