Product Spotlight: Canon’s VB-H41 Offers Superior Full-HD IP PTZ IP Camera Technology

The Canon VB-H41 is a testament of Canon’s consistency in terms of producing world-class security surveillance cameras. Take a look at the following features and see why it is considered a league ahead other IP cameras in its class.


Easy Pan, Tilt, and High-Powered Zoom

Having 20x optical and 12x digital zoom, excellent for locations that require long range monitoring, such as long hallways, large auditoriums, transport terminals, and similar places. The superior zoom performance also comes with a high-speed auto-focus.

Both commercial and industrial companies would benefit from such a technologically advanced network camera, as it has an angle-of-view that spans 60.4 degrees wide.


Full High-Definition Images and Videos

With the Canon VB-H41, users are treated with picture-perfect image clarity as this intelligent PTZ camera is full-HD supported, capturing images at a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Such technical specifications allow users to detect suspicious activity or spot objects and people of interest without much of a struggle.

Minimum subject illumination is at 0.4 lux for color and 0.02 lux for black and white, making it very reliable in low light environment. This however can still be augmented to even better results with Canon’s Smart Shade Control.


Stunning Low Light Performance

Harnessing the DIGIC DV III Image Processor, along with the optimized lens and Canon’s excellent video quality optimization, provides users with enhanced image quality even in areas that have little to no light. Canon’s Smart Shade Control can brighten the darkest areas and bring in more light and focus them on the subjects.

There is even an Automatic Night Mode Switch that you can turn on for a brighter, clearer image. It can be adjusted to five different sensitivity and brightness levels in between different light conditions.


Incredible Clarity of Data Recordings

Individuals who worry about shaky and blurred images and videos captured by PTZ cameras can relax and breathe easy as the VB-H41 has an image stabilizer function that minimizes, if not eliminates, any chance of getting a blurry or shaky image or video.

The same can be said for the “ghost” or motion blur effect that other cameras capture as a result of slow shutter speed and other factors. With the VB-H41 PTZ camera, users can take advantage of the controlled ghosting feature as well as the optimized lens coating that cancels any related aberration effects.

The Canon VB-H41 impressively provides videos of the highest quality, with low noise levels, smooth gradations, and vivid color reproduction. This is all thanks to the superior DIGIC DV III Image Processor, which is used in Canon professional video cameras.


Other Notable Features

The Canon VB-H41 is H.264 supported, which is the industry standard in terms of video content recording, compression, and distribution. What makes is so special from its video codec predecessors is its capacity to produce high quality videos in considerable low bitrates or at least half the size of video formats such as the MPEG2, MPEG-4, XviD, and DivX.


ONVIF Profile S supported

The Canon VB-H41 ONVIF compliant and follows the Profiles S specification. Profiles released by ONVIF allow users to identify which features are interoperable to allow easier management of ONVIF compliant products. In this regards, the Profile S indicates which common functionalities are shared by IP cameras and encoders that transmits or controls media streaming through an IP network. This includes the pan, tilt, zoom, audio streaming, and relay outputs.

The VB-H41, like many of the latest Canon PTZ network cameras, can be supported by indoor dome housing for added protection and functionality.


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