* Sony DXC-390 1/3" 3CCD Industrial Color Camera ideal when it comes to Security/Surveillance

The DXC-390 industrial camera is a 1/3″ type DSP 3 chip color video camera which incorporates Exwave HAD® technology — a new Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies. The camera takes C- and CS-mount lenses

Using a C Mount lens and providing resolution of 800 TVL and a high S/N ratio of 62 dB, the DXC-390 is ideal for machine vision, industrial microscopy, digital photography, portrait proofing, amusement rides, point of view (i.e., sports shooting) and scientific image capture applications. ( Also available in PAL — model # DXC-390P.)

  • High Resolution – 800 TVL
  • Color Reproduction – 3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology
  • Compact Size – 56x50x128
  • Lightweight – 370g or approximately 13 oz.
  • C Mount

Key Features


*Security Applications and the FCB-H11 HD Block Camera from Sony

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When the FCB-H11 HD Block Camera from Sony is released, it is going to be ideal for many applications especially when it comes to the higher end Security Applications.

Although it will be virtually identical to the popular FCB-H10, the addition of the Auto ICR and the increased sensitivity (less than 1.5lux) opens doors in the security market for anyone looking for a High Definition, Auto Iris, Auto Focus, Controllable, high resolution, day/night camera.

Users of standard definition cameras that have the Auto ICR will finally be able to upgrade to High Definition without giving up the black and white, high sensitivity mode once the new HD block camera is released.

Camera is anticipated to be available Q3 of 2008.

UPDATE – 10/10/2008

*Camera is now available for purchase

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* Cyberoptics Imagenation Frame grabber – PXC-200AL ~Affordable Color Solution for Standard PCI Formats

The PXC200AL is a low cost frame grabber for color and monochrome standard analog industrial cameras. This frame grabber contains the features, flexibility and accuracy you need for high performance color
and monochrome video capture, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Built on robust features found in much more expensive products. The Imagenation PXC200AL Color Frame Grabber combines high quality color and monochrome video capture with a Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) at an unusually affordable price. High accuracy, low pixel jitter and other leading features offer solid support for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Analog Camera suggestions include;



PXC family features:

  • PCI bus master design for real-time image capture
  • Support for YcrCb, RGB and Y8 (gray scale) output formats
  • Low pixel jitter
  • Standard capture resolutions of 640 x 480 (NTSC) and 768 x 576 (PAL/SECAM)
  • Four multiplexed video inputs (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/S-video)
  • Real-time image scaling with interpolation, plus horizontal and vertical cropping
  • Continuous, software-initiated and triggered capture of frames
  • External TTL-level trigger
  • + 12 VDC camera power supply
  • Simple software interface
  • Software development support for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP
  • Support for C/C++,Visual Basic and Direct Draw
  • SDK included
  • DAC reference generator eliminates inconsistency of AGC
  • Verified to FCC Part 15 Class A requirements. Full compliance to CE EMC standards (EN-55022, EN-55024, CISPR-22)




* Pentax C61233 (H55ZME-F) 55x CCTV Zoom Lens

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The Pentax C61233 is a high powered motorized 55x zoom lens for use by the Coast Guard, military, scientific, exploratory and similar applications involving long distance viewing. By incorporating the latest in optical technology, this lens is able to maintain superb image clarity and outstanding light transmission through all of its optical stages. It is also equipped with an auto iris video function to ensure proper image exposure in areas experiencing changing light levels. Its durable design also means that users will get long-term dependable operation in a variety of monitoring environments. The Pentax C61233 high power 55x zoom CCTV lens has a wide focal range from 12mm to 1320mm and can capture remote objects and has recognition of a human figure at 601 yards (550m)


  • Super-Telephoto – Max 1320mm (with 2x extender) focal length with 0.3 degrees horizontal angle of view. This high power zoom lens captures remote objects. Recognition of a human figure at 601 yards (550m).
  • High Magnification – Wide focal range from 12mm to 1320mm that covers a standard angle of view to super-telephoto.
  • Highly Responsive – Ultra-high magnification zoom, 55x, operational speed of zoom and focus will traverse at 4.5 seconds. Factory designed 2x extender is built-in, providing optimal images in various applications.
  • High Versatility interface – Zoom, focus and auto-iris operate effortlessly as a standard C/CS mount zoom lens.

* ELMO PTC-401C Indoor Day/Night PTZ IP camera with Audio Capabilities

The Elmo PTC-401C features:

  • Simultaneous MPEG4 and MJPEG output over the network makes high quality video viewable by standard web-browsers or through PC software, at the same time that their NTSC video outputs are sent to an analog CCTV system for display or recording.
  • Full day / night operation, low illumination requirements and removable IR cut filters ensure that images will bemore easily identified, even under low light conditions.
  • MPEG4 or MJPEG formats permit the user to adjust frame rate up to 30fps and image size/quality up to full D1 to meet a wide variety of network conditions or application requirements.
  • Bi-directional audio capabilities make communicating with remote locations via intercom possible over standard computer networks. Distance learning or A/V applications where synchronized, high quality audio is needed can be handled with minimal integration.
  • Built-in motion detection sends alarm outputs to alert security personnel.
  • IP filtering assures site security by restricting access to authorized users.
  • Up to 50 users of MJPEG or 3 users of MPEG4 can have simultaneous access.
  • Captures images at time of alarm entry. Transfers to an FTP server for later viewing.
  • Users can control the PTZ camera movements remotely to zoom in for a close look, adjust the pan/tilt and color.
  • Audio capability permits clear 2-way voice communication.
  • Image Flip always displays subjects in upright position as they pass under the camera or change direction.
  • Up to 192x magnification with high speed 12x optical zoom and 16x digital extender and full auto focus/manual capability.
  • User-programmable pre-sets for up to 16 pre-set positions, 8 speed settings.
  • Can be installed anywhere indoors on ceiling or wall.


* Extreme Low Light, CCD Color (30FPS) Industrial Video Camera from Toshiba – IK-1000ME

The Toshiba IK-1000ME achieves sensitivity and dynamic range in excess of current generation night-vision cameras and provides full color at 30 frames per second in near total darkness!




  1. 0.00025 Lux minimum illumination:
    • reproduces full color, full motion images in starlight conditions,
  2. 50 dB S/N Ratio:
    • provides industry leading sharpness in ALL light conditions
  3. Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD):
    • generates new electrons dramatically increasing sensitivity at very fast speeds without the common readout noise of traditional CCD.
  4. Adaptive Recursive Noise Reduction:
    • reduces CCD output buffer noise in low light conditions.
  5. Peltier Cooled CCD:
    • maintains constant temperature of CCD to maximize low light performance.


Applications for the IK-1000MEinclude:

  • Military
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Bio Science
  • Scientific
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Inspection
  • Realism Broadcast TV
  • Mine & Safety Inspection
  • Extreme Low Light Underwater Video

With dimensions of 2.28” (W) x 2.3” (H) x 5.24” (D), the IK-1000ME’s compact design and maintenance free construction make it ideal for any of the above applications.