Navitar Resolv4K Complete Rundown: The Ultimate Lens Series

When choosing a camera lens for any application it can be difficult unless you are only using it for one specified application and trying to find a high resolution lens that fits your specific application needs can be even more frustrating. With the new Navitar Resolv4K zoom system you can now maximize the usage of up to date modern image sensors with higher pixel densities and tap into the abilities of this amazing Swiss army knife type of high resolution lens with the best of both zoom worlds. The new optical design is what allows the Resolv4K lens to deliver a 400-600% larger filed of view (FOV) compared to the traditional zoom systems currently on the market. It comes equipped to fit numerous lens adapter options from 1/2” through APS formats for a range of sensors to make it an even more versatile option.

With the low magnification end of zoom you get wide fields of view with no sacrifice or loss of illumination, and on the high magnification end it delivers microscope like resolution at extremely long working distances. On top of being able to effortlessly go back and forth between long and short range zoom but it also has a dramatically increased wavelength focusing ability with Visible through Near Infrared or VIS-NIR as well as SWIR lens options. It keep evenness of illumination even in large field of view (FOV) configurations, if necessary it will even work with higher magnification applications like large aperture Navitar HR microscopes giving it the most precise image measurement ever seen before from a high resolution lens. In short it keeps a clear crisp HD picture whether you need to zoom in or out, you will never lose detail in the image.

These functions make it a perfect lens for any application where zoom functions are needed without aberrations or loss of pixel density such as high speed inspection of product or services or precision measurement applications where tiny details are the difference between success and failure.

USA Security offers complete customized camera package solutions with a large variety of lens and cable or related solutions to support a wide variety of needs and applications.

The Tatung TLM-43IPC may just be the perfect Test Monitor?

Whether you own a large business with multiple locations and a huge IT infrastructure or a small mom and pop business, or for an obscure use even an electrician that works specifically with security monitoring and cameras the bottom line with security is that it just needs to work and the only way to maintain that consistency is to test your systems and cameras so that they work up to their best possible capabilities and you aren’t the one caught off guard with something preventable like tampered or faulty equipment.

When it comes to camera testing or even Ethernet network testing especially for the IP variety cameras, the Tatung TLM-43IPC is the only remote monitoring solution you will ever need. Here are just a few samples of the endless features this powerhouse from Tatung provides.

  • Crystal clear 4.3” durable LCD touch screen monitor with a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • Long lasting 7.4 Volt lithium polymer battery with 5 hours of continuous operating time
  • Easily detects and connects to IP Cameras and addresses as well as built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet slot for cable testing, additionally it can test PoE power voltage, PING and IP address searching
  • Also supports ONVIF, Analog and functions as a controller for PTZ Cameras
  • Recording and storage are easily stored on reusable SD card
  • Tap into camera feed and instantly see video playback and screenshots that can be magnified up to 4x for close up looks of recordings
  • Supports over 80 different customized IP Camera brand protocols
  • Perfect “all in one” solution test monitor

On top of all this the TLM-43IPC test monitors are small and compact making them easy to transport without taking up too much space, the whole unit measures in at approx. 8” Height, 5” Wide and 2” Thick and still comes in weighing under 2 lbs. at a feather light 1.86. It also features built in kickstand for comfortable remote viewing and comes with an accessory bag included for the monitor and any and all accessories you need for any situation or emergency that should arise. One of the biggest keys to surveillance and having good security is the ability to respond in a timely manner and with this remote test monitor you can make 100% sure all your cameras are not only properly connected but recording and working well without any hiccups or issues that could cause a lapse in security or expose a vulnerability in your system you may not have noticed otherwise. In the end it provides peace of mind to know that the system you rely on to keep your items and business safe are working properly and doing what they are supposed to do and this test monitor provides that peace of mind in spades.

Tatung has already received well deserved high praise for the TLM-43IPC by many publications and companies working within the IT and Security markets and its only a matter of time before word gets out and this secret becomes well known. If you have a security system you need to have a reliable tool like this to keep it functioning well and up to date and most importantly to avoid security missteps or malfunctions you are doing yourself a disservice by not at least checking this amazing product out.

5 Benefits Of A Quarter Sized Camera

This camera is built to blend into almost any environment or application you can think of whether it is for close up security or surveillance with ATM/Bank monitoring or Intercom systems for office buildings and houses, anything you can think of where a small camera is needed to be functional but still have great picture quality. They also perfectly fit more specialized applications such as monitoring for mobile driverless vehicles whether they be on land or in the air or underwater and offer law enforcement applications as well for on the job monitoring and suspect identifications. The applications are endless or to put it better the options are Infinite.

The newest offering from Infinite Pixels (MS430F3) adds to their stellar reputation for manufacturing high quality electronic equipment for various industries and applications. One of their latest cameras, the Infinite Pixels MS430F3 is an ideal HD Full 1080P 2.43MP CMOS Sensor camera that packs a lot of punch in a tiny compact size. Barely bigger than a quarter and customizable with 9 different lens options, this lens can be used in just about anything you can think of with it’s compact size and high resolution picture, the options are really endless. Below are just a 5 of the many benefits to this multi-dimensional camera, the options can go as far as your imagination.


  • Smaller than a quarter
  • 9 adjustable lens options available
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 2.43MP
  • Perfect for any job big or small

This camera is the perfect blend of size, function and reliability and could fill many more roles and functions, even in low light conditions it performs exceptionally well with excellent picture quality. These cameras can be customized with any of our 9 lens options for a package that suits specific jobs or individual needs with several sizes including 2.45, 2.8, 3.6, 6.0, 8.0 and 12mm for fixed lens and 2.8~12 Varifocal for variable lens. Two other options are the 3.7mm Flat pinhole lens and the 3.7 mm Supercone Pinhole. Between the dynamic camera and the lens options there is nothing left untouched, if you want a versatile camera that can do about any job you throw at it and can be used for a large variety of functions.

USA Security offers complete customized camera package solutions with a large variety of lens and cable or related solutions to support a wide variety of needs and applications. 

Power that fits in your pocket

The Watec WAT-01U2 is compact camera. Weighing less than a pound, you can use it for endless possibilities. This small, but powerful camera offers Full HD at 30fps. The Wat-01U2 adjusts between shutter speed, gain, white balance, etc. to suit the application as necessary.

Watecs’ WAT-01U2 features several excellent aspects. These special features do not require a high spec PC for use, serving benefit to all users. A CS lens mount is equipped onto the camera. The WAT-01U2 uses a simple Plug and Play connection.

USA Security is a Stocking Distributor that carries a wide range of Watec products, including the WAT-01U2. Blanket PO capabilities are offered along with Just-In- Time (JIT) option. Free UPS Ground Shopping is also offered to customers with promo code “ SUMMER SPLASH 2017,” this offer expires August 31 st.

‘Focus’ on the Features

The EAN3220 is one of the newest HD day/night EverFocus cameras released. EverFocus created one of the most versatile Network Camera’s around. This powerful camera has multi-streaming capabilities, giving you a step up from other network cameras. The EAN3220 delivers HDTV image.

The features are endless with the EAN3220. This HD day/night camera has PoE (Power over Ethernet) users are supplied with power via the network cable; this eliminates the need for excess power cables and other supplies. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature manages extreme lighting and backlighting with high contrast.


USA Security Systems Technology is a stocking distributor that carries a wide range of products including EverFocus. Blanket PO capabilities are offered along with Just-In-Time (JIT) options. Free UPS Ground Shipping is offered to customers with promo code “SUMMER SPLASH 2017,” this offer expires August 31 st .

Best of both Worlds

The Q1659 is just one of Axis’s high performance cameras from their network camera lineup. Axis teamed up with Canon to create a world-class product. This powerful camera offers fiber-optic connection to networks long distances. It is equipped with the Axis Zipstream technology which lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% while giving the same high quality image.

Axis’s Q1659 features several excellent aspects. Ultra-high resolution of 20MP is just one of these fantastic features. The Q1659 creates a magical meeting of professional photography and video surveillance. The variety of Canon mounts, EF/EF-S lenses, and Axis Zipstream technology make this an excellent choice for integrators.

USA Security Systems Technology is a Stocking Distributor that carries a wide range of Axis products, including the Q1659. Blanket PO capabilities are offered along with Just-In- Time (JIT) options. Free UPS Ground Shopping is also offered to customers with promo code “ SUMMER SPLASH 2017,” this offer expires August 31st.