Top 5 Dreamy Features of the Invid Tech VIS-P2PTZXIRT44 Outdoor Camera

If you know and love cameras or work in the industry then it will be no secret that the products from InVid or Innovative Video Technology are top of the line and the latest from their line of VISION Series cameras proves that they are staying on top going forward. One of their latest offerings is the Invid Tech VIS-P2PTZXIRT44 2 MP PTZ outdoor camera with it’s 44x optical zoom and full 360° range of motion to go with its Smart EXIR Range of up to 820 feet! This is on top of the many features listed below, I could go on and on it’s a sight that has to be seen for yourself though.


  • Auto-Tracking
  • Try Wide Dynamic Range
  • IP66 Weather Resistant
  • Operates in conditions as low as -49° F
  • iOS & Android Apps for Smart Phone & Tablet Access and CMS Software to manage multiple cameras
  • Optional Micro SD Storage – 128 GB

When used in conjunction with a quality NVR you have one of the best outdoor cameras or security cameras in general that you can get today on the market. Everything from filming to capturing and recording is streamlined and easy to manage with H.265-H.264-MJPEG Compression and built-in Smart Analytics. Motion, audio, as well as statistical analysis in the form of people counting and face detection to sort out issues right away, another feature that ties into this is the cameras behavior detection allowing for any intrusion, crossing of certain lines or motions in areas and auto tracking to capture anything that goes on day or night. Even preset patrols allow this camera to be like a security guard without having to have a physical human body on site, saving both time and money for your business or cherished personal belongings.

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Blackmagic Designs tiny solution for high quality conversion that wont get in your way

When cameras record in high definition it can fill up space fast and if you have a large cache of surveillance or security you need to keep for archives or for security records purpose or just for your own peace of mind, it can take up a lot of space and very fast. The solution to this usually is to convert the video to a smaller file format for easier storage or if you need higher detail you can switch to or keep the HD. The Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI Micro Converter with Power Supply is great for taking the HDMI output from laptop computers or cameras and converting it to SDI for use with broadcast switchers, routers, monitors and whatever else you can think of that has a HD signal. It comes as well with it’s own individual power supply over USB and internal software so that you always have control at the tip of your fingers without having to plug and unplug bulky converters and power supplies. Some of the best features are listed below.


  • HDMI Input
  • 2 x SDI Outputs
  • Supports SD and HD Signals
  • Automatic Input Signal Detection
  • Software Control
  • Power & Firmware Updates via USB 2.0
  • International Power Supply Included

With 2 SDI outputs, support for both HD and SD signals and a micro usb slot for power it can automatically switch between to signals with multi rate 3G-SDI that switches between HD and SD formats on the fly and supports HD signals up to 1080p. The 2 outputs have support and categorization of level A and level B SDI signal equipment.

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Night stalking with the IR Range InVid Technologies PAR-P2BSSXIRA2812

Outdoor areas can be hard to cover sufficiently with cameras so you can be sure you are getting the security coverage you need to keep your business or valuables protected and watched over, especially if you have a large area or building to watch over and especially outside exposed to nature and the elements, in some cases you may need multiple cameras for a large network of surveillance security. Or on the flip side you may have a small to medium size business or house that you would like to keep protected and watched over.

For either one of these scenarios the InVid Technologies PARP2BSSXIRA2812 is the camera you want to check out. At a size of around 3 x 6 inches and a feather light 3.86 lbs. this little camera not only fits into tiny spaces but is light weight and easy to install as well as adaptable to any outdoor area with its Stainless Steel body and IP Network connection. It shines even brighter at night with Infrared Range extending up to 65 Feet with a motorized auto focus lens to quickly zoom and get a clear picture when things are moving fast even in on the darkest of nights. With an IP68 Waterproof Rating it can also withstand the rain and storms as well as dust and dirt to keep going no matter how the weather reacts.

The bullet shape and stainless steel body make it durable and long lasting and easy to place in even the highest spots so you can get the perfect angle to capture all of the action and keep your property safe even in rough conditions.

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How to do Low Light Cameras the right way with Watec WAT-221S2

We talk a lot about cameras here and about what they can do for you and how powerful the resolution is or we hone in on one amazing feature but when you want a camera that just works time and time again you will come back over and over for this one. The Watec WAT-221S2 is a 1/2” analog camera with 550 TVL of true color HD resolution and one of the best cameras on the market for low light recording or surveillance. With a low lux of 0.6 this camera can pick up images in even the dimmest of areas and is always a popular seller so much that Watec has continued to support and sell despite newer cameras/technology coming out, it’s obviously a hit with people who have demanding applications as well with the OSD support menu built in for quick access to features and functions.

This camera also comes with easy lens adapter and mount that make it a easy fit for most lenses to make it perfect for any application especially in the fields of Automation, Factory Inspection, Military and Law Enforcement Industries. Once you plug in the lens it is auto detecting for both DC and Auto Iris attachments and can be programmed for fast or slow shutter speed among other options within the built in OSD.

All this comes in a package that is just millimeters in size to allow you the freedom of being able to put it just about anywhere a half dollar would fit. Many cameras on the market can give you the low light, the resolution, the OSD and lens mount and easy lens detection and some may be able to deliver all of those things individually pretty well, but no camera can perform all of those things as well as the Watec WAT-221S2, ask someone who has used it and they will turn you into a happy customer as well.

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Bringing the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG Lens Into Focus

Things that provide a wide variety of uses make things easier to free up valuable time to address other concerns, especially in any business that requires close inspection in a noisy or vibrating environment. Come to think of it it’s hard to find a product in any market that does many things well or even one thing well and is also reasonably priced, but if you look around and research with your goals in mind which is maximize profits and are able to resist the glitz and marketing campaigns they try to fool you with so you don’t see the flaws in their products you will emerge from the smog of hard work and find a product like the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG (especially if you happen to be in the market for a Manual Iris VGA Lens for your camera).

The FL-BC2514D-VG is compatible and built for VGA-class cameras and can tackle many uses and applications including pattern matching, component positioning, missing-part inspection, board mounting, and inspection of pharmaceuticals, produce, and grains. It is especially useful with it’s sturdy lock screws in applications that require vibration control such as mobile devices, machine vision systems, inspection stations, heavy equipment monitoring/inspection, production line handling cameras with formats anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″, etc.

Weighing a tiny 76g or 0.167551 lbs. and equipped with C Mount compatibility this lens can fit in even some of tightest locations and spaces while providing a robust and vibration free image and being the perfect companion to any compatible camera. Compare any competing vibration lens against it and you will be glad you made the choice to buy this cheap, compact, built to last lens to manage your business needs.

People that know their business well buy products that they know will perform up to their standards and the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG Lens lives up to nothing less than the highest of standards. Contact us today to find out even more in depth info on this and other great security camera products at or call us at 888-875-6091.

Infinite Pixels MS430F Series: The Mighty Mouse of Cameras

This tiny but super powerful camera would make the cartoon mouse proud with all the power inside this tiny case. Equipped in a tiny case not much bigger than the size of a quarter with dimensions at 30 (H) x 30 (V) and 27 (W) mm (with 3.6mm lens attached) delivers full HD Image Transmission in crystal clear 1080P over 300 meters of connections. This amazing camera series also features the industry standard 1/3” 2.43MP Sony CMOS Image Sensor, the Infinite Pixels MS430F Series camera is a great for applications that have small space but need a camera versatile enough to capture about any setting or application. The MS430F Series is also equipped with interchangeable lens fitting options to suit it for whatever you need it to capture wether near or far. Listed below are the lens options to show the range of this amazing camera.

Lens Options:

  • 2.45mm : MS430F245
  • 2.8mm : MS430F3
  • 3.6mm : MS430F4
  • 6.0mm : MS430F6
  • 8.0mm : MS430F8
  • 12mm : MS430F12
  • 2.8 – 12mm : MS430V1
  • 3.7mm Flat Pinhole : MS430P1
  • 3.7mm Supercone Pinhole: MS430P2

On top of these expansive lens options it also comes equipped with amazing picture quality with stunningly clear 1080p video output (1944 x 1092 effective pixels) and built in operating system with selectable Analog/TVI/AHD or CVI format signal.

The MS430F Series is a great swiss army knife style camera with the optional lenses and the tiny size make it so you can watch over your business or valuables with out people knowing what is watching and from where. These are a great pick up at a great price for your business, contact us today to find out even more in depth info on this and other great security cameras at