Night stalking with the IR Range InVid Technologies PAR-P2BSSXIRA2812

Outdoor areas can be hard to cover sufficiently with cameras so you can be sure you are getting the security coverage you need to keep your business or valuables protected and watched over, especially if you have a large area or building to watch over and especially outside exposed to nature and the elements, in some cases you may need multiple cameras for a large network of surveillance security. Or on the flip side you may have a small to medium size business or house that you would like to keep protected and watched over.

For either one of these scenarios the InVid Technologies PARP2BSSXIRA2812 is the camera you want to check out. At a size of around 3 x 6 inches and a feather light 3.86 lbs. this little camera not only fits into tiny spaces but is light weight and easy to install as well as adaptable to any outdoor area with its Stainless Steel body and IP Network connection. It shines even brighter at night with Infrared Range extending up to 65 Feet with a motorized auto focus lens to quickly zoom and get a clear picture when things are moving fast even in on the darkest of nights. With an IP68 Waterproof Rating it can also withstand the rain and storms as well as dust and dirt to keep going no matter how the weather reacts.

The bullet shape and stainless steel body make it durable and long lasting and easy to place in even the highest spots so you can get the perfect angle to capture all of the action and keep your property safe even in rough conditions.

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