Navitar Resolv4K Complete Rundown: The Ultimate Lens Series

When choosing a camera lens for any application it can be difficult unless you are only using it for one specified application and trying to find a high resolution lens that fits your specific application needs can be even more frustrating. With the new Navitar Resolv4K zoom system you can now maximize the usage of up to date modern image sensors with higher pixel densities and tap into the abilities of this amazing Swiss army knife type of high resolution lens with the best of both zoom worlds. The new optical design is what allows the Resolv4K lens to deliver a 400-600% larger filed of view (FOV) compared to the traditional zoom systems currently on the market. It comes equipped to fit numerous lens adapter options from 1/2” through APS formats for a range of sensors to make it an even more versatile option.

With the low magnification end of zoom you get wide fields of view with no sacrifice or loss of illumination, and on the high magnification end it delivers microscope like resolution at extremely long working distances. On top of being able to effortlessly go back and forth between long and short range zoom but it also has a dramatically increased wavelength focusing ability with Visible through Near Infrared or VIS-NIR as well as SWIR lens options. It keep evenness of illumination even in large field of view (FOV) configurations, if necessary it will even work with higher magnification applications like large aperture Navitar HR microscopes giving it the most precise image measurement ever seen before from a high resolution lens. In short it keeps a clear crisp HD picture whether you need to zoom in or out, you will never lose detail in the image.

These functions make it a perfect lens for any application where zoom functions are needed without aberrations or loss of pixel density such as high speed inspection of product or services or precision measurement applications where tiny details are the difference between success and failure.

USA Security offers complete customized camera package solutions with a large variety of lens and cable or related solutions to support a wide variety of needs and applications.

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