How to do Low Light Cameras the right way with Watec WAT-221S2

We talk a lot about cameras here and about what they can do for you and how powerful the resolution is or we hone in on one amazing feature but when you want a camera that just works time and time again you will come back over and over for this one. The Watec WAT-221S2 is a 1/2” analog camera with 550 TVL of true color HD resolution and one of the best cameras on the market for low light recording or surveillance. With a low lux of 0.6 this camera can pick up images in even the dimmest of areas and is always a popular seller so much that Watec has continued to support and sell despite newer cameras/technology coming out, it’s obviously a hit with people who have demanding applications as well with the OSD support menu built in for quick access to features and functions.

This camera also comes with easy lens adapter and mount that make it a easy fit for most lenses to make it perfect for any application especially in the fields of Automation, Factory Inspection, Military and Law Enforcement Industries. Once you plug in the lens it is auto detecting for both DC and Auto Iris attachments and can be programmed for fast or slow shutter speed among other options within the built in OSD.

All this comes in a package that is just millimeters in size to allow you the freedom of being able to put it just about anywhere a half dollar would fit. Many cameras on the market can give you the low light, the resolution, the OSD and lens mount and easy lens detection and some may be able to deliver all of those things individually pretty well, but no camera can perform all of those things as well as the Watec WAT-221S2, ask someone who has used it and they will turn you into a happy customer as well.

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