The Tatung TLM-43IPC may just be the perfect Test Monitor?

Whether you own a large business with multiple locations and a huge IT infrastructure or a small mom and pop business, or for an obscure use even an electrician that works specifically with security monitoring and cameras the bottom line with security is that it just needs to work and the only way to maintain that consistency is to test your systems and cameras so that they work up to their best possible capabilities and you aren’t the one caught off guard with something preventable like tampered or faulty equipment.

When it comes to camera testing or even Ethernet network testing especially for the IP variety cameras, the Tatung TLM-43IPC is the only remote monitoring solution you will ever need. Here are just a few samples of the endless features this powerhouse from Tatung provides.

  • Crystal clear 4.3” durable LCD touch screen monitor with a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • Long lasting 7.4 Volt lithium polymer battery with 5 hours of continuous operating time
  • Easily detects and connects to IP Cameras and addresses as well as built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet slot for cable testing, additionally it can test PoE power voltage, PING and IP address searching
  • Also supports ONVIF, Analog and functions as a controller for PTZ Cameras
  • Recording and storage are easily stored on reusable SD card
  • Tap into camera feed and instantly see video playback and screenshots that can be magnified up to 4x for close up looks of recordings
  • Supports over 80 different customized IP Camera brand protocols
  • Perfect “all in one” solution test monitor

On top of all this the TLM-43IPC test monitors are small and compact making them easy to transport without taking up too much space, the whole unit measures in at approx. 8” Height, 5” Wide and 2” Thick and still comes in weighing under 2 lbs. at a feather light 1.86. It also features built in kickstand for comfortable remote viewing and comes with an accessory bag included for the monitor and any and all accessories you need for any situation or emergency that should arise. One of the biggest keys to surveillance and having good security is the ability to respond in a timely manner and with this remote test monitor you can make 100% sure all your cameras are not only properly connected but recording and working well without any hiccups or issues that could cause a lapse in security or expose a vulnerability in your system you may not have noticed otherwise. In the end it provides peace of mind to know that the system you rely on to keep your items and business safe are working properly and doing what they are supposed to do and this test monitor provides that peace of mind in spades.

Tatung has already received well deserved high praise for the TLM-43IPC by many publications and companies working within the IT and Security markets and its only a matter of time before word gets out and this secret becomes well known. If you have a security system you need to have a reliable tool like this to keep it functioning well and up to date and most importantly to avoid security missteps or malfunctions you are doing yourself a disservice by not at least checking this amazing product out.

The Sony EVI-D70: 24/7 Surveillance Monitoring Made Easy

With such a high demand for high quality commercial security camera systems, Sony has continued to produce state-of-the-art business surveillance products. One of its the most successful product lines is the security camera division, notably its exceptional selection of pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras. The Sony EVI-D70 is yet another testament to Sony’s brilliance in terms of manufacturing reliable security equipment for businesses and institutions that need to protect their properties.

Image Source : USA Security Systems

As one of the more known PTZ cameras released to the public by Sony, the EVI-D70 is undoubtedly something that every business owner should consider having in their most vulnerable locations. It has all the important specifications that is needed to capture images in great detail and precision, such as an image sensor with an exceptional ¼ type EXview HAD™ CCD color technology, a more than sufficient 18x optical zoom, and a faster pan, tilt, zoom mechanism that makes it effortless for its users to use. Truly the Sony EVI-D70 should be on every business establishment’s list of security equipment.

Far more superior than any of its predecessors, the ceiling-mountable Sony EVI-D70 is ideal for literally almost any establishment with a ceiling, particularly locations that need to cover a wide floor area. It is the first among the EVI line to have a ceiling-mountable option! As mentioned in our previous blog post, the Sony EVI-D70 is truly a wonder for business security enthusiasts, with 240 degrees of panning capability and 120 degrees for tilting that means greater coverage for a specific area.

By placing it on ceilings, the Sony EVI-D70 can capture rows and rows of items in commercial stores to prevent theft or aisles of office cubicles to prevent inventory loss. It can even be used by owners, CEOs, managers, or HR heads to check in on their products, employees, and locations as it can be fully controlled from a remote computer through VISCA commands. If you’re looking to protect your PTZ camera from normal wear and tear and extend its longevity, there are dome camera housings available for you at a competitive price.

Institutions can even use it for distance learning or video conferencing, as well as live streaming for houses of worship or courtrooms. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities would do well to install the Sony EVI-D70 for outstanding surveillance of patients and staff, as it can significantly improve how medical care staff takes care of the patients. Some users of the Sony EVI-D70 have even utilized the powerful PTZ for capturing events, placing it on concert halls and other similar locations. Users can set up to six combinations of camera presets for easier so they can switch from one customization to another without having to go through the same steps all over again.

Users can use it for various remote shooting applications, and Sony is ever so smart for giving businesses and institutions more than just one option. Now there is the security side and the business side to a state-of-the-art PTZ camera, and it is available at a lower price at USA Security Systems, a leading distributor of industrial and commercial security camera systems.

Introducing the Canon VB-M40: Advanced Surveillance Technology at Your Fingertips

The demand for commercial and industrial security systems continues to increase as the threat of theft and other criminal activities plague countless establishments in different industries. This is why there is also a higher demand for high quality surveillance cameras. More and more business owners are on the lookout for cameras that have the perfect combination of outstanding performance, impressive technical specifications, and an exceptional design. Fortunately for them, Canon’s insatiable commitment to providing only the best in optical technology has brought the VB-M40.


This network PTZ camera is packed with superior features that is a result of the top notch optical hardware and surveillance technology that Canon has successfully put together for its users. It leads in digital imaging surveillance, where such is prevalent in commercial and industrial environments. The Canon VB-M40 has the versatility that is needed for various security applications in different industries, while its easy operation allows little to no training in its use. Its compact size is perfect for limited spaces as well as those areas that discretion is highly valued.

Superior Optics Packed Inside a Tiny Camera

Great things do come in small packages when you take a look at the VB-M40. Equipped with a powerful 20x optical zoom, with a wide horizontal field of view of 54-degrees, the Canon VB-M40 can see almost anything in its path. Users can easily use the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom feature to carefully watch over the area in focus. Even in low light conditions, the VB-M40’s impressive optics allows image recording in crisp megapixel quality.

Surveillance at Its Finest

With Canon’s highly intelligent functions installed in the VB-M40, the network PTZ camera is able to provide an unparalleled level of detection that has yet to be seen in competitor brands. Business owners and security personnel can count on the VB-M40 to detect moving or abandoned objects within its line of sight. It can inform you of anomalies such as the following:

  • Abandoned objects such as suspiciously parked vehicles or mystery packages left in the area
  • Moving objects such as a person attempting illegal entry or people gathering outside the property
  • Tampering of the camera such as when the camera’s field of view is blocked
  • Removed objects such as unauthorized transportation of a certain object within the area


Highly Dependable in Low Light Environment

The Canon VB-M40 is impressive in terms of its exceptional sensitivity in low-light conditions. With this network PTZ camera, you do not have to worry about getting enough light to keep the surveillance process problem-free. It has an automatic 5-level brightness function that is able to capture object colors and details in stunning precision regardless of the light source.


Seamless Image Stream with the H.264 Compression Capability

The Canon VB-M40 utilizes the H.264 image compression format, allowing it to enhance network transmission speeds, while achieving to maintain the full-frame 1280 x 960 pixel, 1.3 MP images. It also has the Smart Shade Control that can brighten underexposed areas, not to mention improve overall contrast.


Other Equally Impressive Features

  • Advanced Security Measures – Can block user-defined locations that are within the camera’s view. The function allows eight areas that can be digitally hidden from view.
  • Exceptional Usability – Explore unique settings such as the Privacy Mask and Intelligent Function tools and control them using applications available on the net, without the need for software installation.
  • Broader Reach – The Canon VB-M40 supports the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) communication standard, which provides an enhanced compatibility with other ONVIF-compatible devices that can be obtained from other vendors.
  • Easy-to-Use Camera Settings – A variety of camera settings including the “Privacy Mask” and “Intelligent Function” tools can be easily controlled with applications that are accessible via any supported browser without the hassle of additional software installation.
  • Built-In SD Card Compatibility – The built-in SD Memory Card slot in the Canon VB-M40 can support cards that have up to 32GB worth of storage size. This is vital in the event of a disruption or a breakdown in the transmission of data, where the Canon VB-M40 can record operation logs and images to minimize any possible operational and security problems.


To learn more about the Canon VB-M40, visit today.

Canon VC-C50i is Set to Wow Business Owners with Its Industry Leading Optical System

When it comes to remote controlled communication cameras, all the control in the world is only useful if there’s the movement to match. That’s why the VC-C50i stands out from the crowd. This compact and stylish free-standing communication camera combines the unequalled magnification of genuine Canon optics with exceptional pan, tilt, zoom movement that lets you call the shots.

Outstanding zoom capacity to capture every detail

With a 26x optical zoom provided by a powered Canon telephoto lens, the VC-C50i communication camera produces extremely close-up images. Furthermore, a 12x digital zoom allows any area to be electronically enlarged for detailed examination. This enhanced optical system is based on Canon’s long heritage in lens technology – making these cameras ideal for critical surveillance applications, where accuracy and precision are essential.

Superb performance in low-light conditions

The camera can deliver colour images even when operating in very poor lighting conditions – as low as 1 lux – thanks to a bright f/1.6 lens and a slow shutter speed. The VC-C50i can also produce monochrome images in total darkness (0 lux), using its Infrared Night Mode. An integral LED illuminator provides a viewing range of up to 3 metres, showing objects which are not visible to the naked eye. Additional infrared lighting can extend the viewing range still further.

Extended range with crystal-clear recorded images

The VC-C50i features a remote controlled Pan and Tilt mechanism with a wide 200° pan and 120° tilt range. The camera has 9 preset positions, controlling camera angles as well as zoom and AE settings. A 400K pixel CCD ensures smooth and sharp recorded images. Plus, Automatic Noise Reduction further improves image quality by processing the image before transmission.


Advanced connectivity for easy integration

A single 20-pin multi-connector accommodates S-Video and RS-232C control signals. This provides quick and easy connectivity to other devices, for simple integration into your existing system with minimal

cabling. A cascade facility allows up to 9 cameras to be connected together, via the RS-232C interface. The cameras are fully compatible with Canon’s VB150 Camera Server. And, although the camera can be connected to a host PC or camera server, an Infrared remote control handset is supplied, allowing the operator to control the PTZ functions locally.

Designed to meet the specialized needs of the security industry, the VC-C50i delivers high-quality video from far distances and under the dimmest lighting conditions. Building on Canon’s long-standing tradition as the leader in optics and image processing, it offers greater flexibility in the most demanding environments. The Canon VC-C50i is perfect for professional-grade installations, providing a secure and sturdy connection interface. Capturing subjects beyond the scope of the naked eye, it breathes new life into the world of monitoring.

Learn about the Canon VC-C50i at today.

30x Zoom and Portability Fit The Bill With New Sony PTZ Cameras

Whether you’re in a boardroom, conference room or even your living room, your best side is always shining with a new line of 1080p HD PTZ cameras from Sony Corporation and USA Security Systems. This exclusive series named SRG is the latest in their pan-tilt-zoom camera line and comes from one of the most prominent leaders in electronics, gaming and cameras, Sony.



     Sony’s latest addition of the all new SRG-120DH and SRG-300H offer both portability as well as powerful features.  The brand new SRG300H has an astounding 30x optical and 12x digital zoom.  The SRG120DH has a 12x optical and digital zoom. If portability is what you’re looking for, the 120DH offers “carry and go” capabilities and desktop positioning, while the SRG300H is fully mountable with two ceiling brackets included. The Sony VISCA protocol is incorporated into both cameras giving users accessibility to control via IP connections.

The feature set of both the SRG-120DH and SRG-300H includes full HD with 1920 x 1080 when utilizing HDMI.  The exposure control features allow for bright, auto, manual, priority AE (shutter, iris), and exposure compensation.  Additionally, both units are attractive looking with the 120DH coming in silver and the 300H coming in black/white.

With mobility being key on the PTZ’s, remote meetings can easily be transmitted with easy hookups and could make your next conference or board meetings efficiently transmitted. As shown below, the 300H is geared more for stable mounting (two ceiling brackets included) with churches, sporting events, security and any application that requires tilting and zooming benefitting from this powerful P-T-Z.

Sony and USA Security Systems are always providing pristine products and USA’s “bevy of knowledge and know how can help” you along the way. Configuring your infrastructure in a small setting or any large application with these Sony PTZ cameras or any of our products requires just one call to one of our friendly and courteous sales team members and as always we are here to help with any questions you might have.

Images courtesy of Sony:



The Beauty of Using Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras for Your Business

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (or PTZ for short) cameras are among the most widely used cameras in the world. Despite being increasingly popular among business establishments, PTZ cameras tend to give people a false sense of security. Why? Mainly because they are often underutilized, if not misused, which means that owners just use them for their basic features when in fact they have a whole lot more to offer.

This is because PTZ cameras are part of a newer line of surveillance and security equipment, which has the capacity to do so much more than what a typical first generation CCTV camera can do. These special breed of “eyes” have the ability to capture events as they happen. Users are now able to see things from different angles and various perspectives, not to mention be able to scan and survey a huge part of a territory certain almost simultaneously.

Unlike before, one PTZ camera is all business owners need to guard a particular area. It replaces the need for installing multiple stationary cameras just to cover an area. This is because fixed cameras can only capture one angle and one direction, recording only anything that falls within its viewpoint. A huge number of the best pan/tilt/zoom cameras have multiple state-of-the-art functions, other than its signature feature, which is movement. These functions include vandal-proof lenses, night vision, protective casings, and IP capability.

Why Choose Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

When considering which type of security camera would be best for your business, PTZ models is your best bet especially if you’re keen on outstanding functionality and want to cover as much ground in terms of surveillance without purchasing too many cameras. PTZs are unparalleled in terms of sweeping and monitoring wide areas, but still manage to remain user-friendly, offering easy management and control of its settings.

PTZ models, particularly Canon, C&B, Elmo, EverFocus, KT&C, Videolarm, and Sony, are extremely reliable and have been tested in tough environments and real-life situations. They are designed to be easy-to-use, so that any buyer can effortlessly tweak these surveillance cameras according to their business needs. Most, if not all, of these brands come with our high quality customer service, so owners can be assured that there is available assistance when needed.

Key Advantages

Here’s a list of the multiple advantages a PTZ camera has over other surveillance cameras:

Autonomous Patrol & Tracking – You can set your PTZ camera to survey specific areas or track movements of suspicious individuals or vehicles through optional video analytics.

Multiple Alarm Inputs – PTZs usually have four alarm inputs. You can connect motion detectors, door contacts, glass break devices, and other security equipment that are installed in critical areas to PTZs and program your camera to stop all other activities and focus on capturing the activity in those hot spots.

Low Light Capability – Many surveillance cameras fail to capture events in critical situations especially during hours of darkness. The good thing about PTZs is that they are specially equipped with a day/night feature that allows them to switch to a super sensitive mode. This way, the camera is able to capture events in excellent detail even in the lowest of light. Some PTZs with this feature typically accepts infrared illumination, or in some cases, already have infrared capability.

Inconspicuous Design – Most PTZ cameras available in the market today are almost the same size as fixed dome-style cameras. They have a style that is non-obtrusive, they can be installed in multiple ways. Even larger models can be installed in such a way that you will be able to see only as small portion.

Vandal-Resistant – Most surveillance systems become incapacitated when the cameras are vandalized by random groups or individuals, which is why PTZs are most often mounted high above the ground. This also gives owners the excellent view of the area they wish to cover. This – which affords them a certain level of protection. More importantly, most PTZ cameras have sturdy metal housings and are made out of high-tech polycarbonate material that is virtually shatterproof.

Weatherproof – If PTZs aren’t damaged by vandals, it usually gives in to harsh weather elements. Thankfully, most recent models are now designed to withstand years of exposure to harmful natural elements, such as the sun, wind, rain, snow, and more. This is why many buyers now choose to mount their cameras in the most hard to reach areas, since they already put so much trust in PTZs’ durability.

Powerful Zoom – Most PTZs, even the smallest models with low zoom ratios, are ahead by leagues when compared to the zoom ratio of conventional fixed cameras. For low zoom ratio PTZ cameras, the average is usually around 10x optical zoom, while there are several PTZ cameras that have extremely powerful 36x zoom ratio lenses. For high resolution surveillance cameras, it is only natural to offer digital zoom to provide even better magnification.

Fast Pan/Tilt – If you hear people talking about speed domes, they’re most likely talking about PTZs that have lightning fast pan/tilt capability. This means it’s normal for a PTZ to pan or tilt in a certain direction in less than a second. What’s even more interesting and nice about this is that despite the speed, PTZs remain easy to control. They can move at such precision even when the focus is on objects that are at a great distance from where the camera is located.

Auto-Focus – The auto-focus is one of the most overlooked features of PTZ cameras, although it’s also one of the most vital. Cameras that have the auto-focus feature activated will be able to automatically sense any moving or suspicious object or area and bring it into focus. It can easily keep up to that object, person, or vehicle in question with rapid speed.

Flexible Control Options – While remote controlled cameras are not new to the ears, it is important to note that these older models send power only to a specific motor, which means the manipulation of the camera is limited. Nowadays, the setup has become more efficient because there is digital communication between a controlling device and PTZ camera. This gives users complete control over the camera. Such a feature is available for both analog and digital PTZs. The communication between controlling devices can be done using a cable, over the internet, or other wireless means. Through digital communication, a single controller can now manipulate multiple cameras.

Shopping and Installation Considerations

So if the benefits we’ve listed down has convinced you to purchase a PTZ camera. Let’s start considering the application. When considering to purchase a PTZ camera, as opposed to buying a fixed surveillance camera, you have to think about how wide you want your camera’s field of view to be as well as what your business requires. You can start by standing on the point where your camera is to be placed. If you discover that you have to to turn your head to your left or right, and up or down just to cover the whole area that needs to be guarded, then a PTZ is most likely the best choice for you.

Mounting options are also an essential consideration. Do not forget that one of the great benefits of a PTZ camera is that it can offer 360-degree views. This feature will become void if you mount it to the side of a wall or a pole, because a portion of that 360 degrees will have you looking directly at the wall or pole. As a solution, make sure that before you go on buying PTZ cameras, they can be mounted away from a wall, pole, or any obstruction in your establishment.

The best option would be installing in down from a ceiling or roof. Look for mounting options that will give you the best point of view.

PTZ cameras can be offered as analog or digital, with varying resolutions. Analog cameras are often measured in TV L or television lines, while digital PTZs are measured in pixels. As is the case in analyzing the resolution, the higher the number, the more detailed the quality of the images and videos captured. Remember that when identifying an object, a person, or any aspect of the video, it all boils down to greater detail, so you might want to invest on that. You might be able to determine what plate number a car has, or what item was grabbed in a particular shelf.

Another thing that you can check is how information is transmitted from the camera, through the cable, then the DVR, and lastly to the monitor. The latest technological advancement is digital transmission, the first being IP or internet protocol. An IP PTZ camera transmit signals over a cable much like how a computer or a VoIP phone transmits data. This type of camera is useful because there are IP networks have wide coverage.

The second mode of data transmission among PTZ cameras is through digital security video, called SDI or Serial Digital Interface. Cameras with SDI connections send their signals through a coaxial cable, also the same one used in ana analog transmission, which is useful when you just want to upgrade your old analog camera for a new HD-SDI system.