Canon Speed Dome Cameras – Your Security Obstacles Solved

Canon, Inc., long been a leader in professional imaging camera solutions now offers a new generation of Full HD (High Definition) PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) progressive scan, speed dome network security cameras.

Three new Canon HD PTZ speed dome security cameras, the VB-R11VE, VB-R11, and the VB-R10VE, are now available. With superior resolution, they are adaptable and unobtrusive and make monitoring simple and inconspicuous. These high speed cameras enable video recording over a larger area, all with greater attention to detail. Able to fulfill a wide range of surveillance requirements, due in no small part to their superb optics, these three Canon cameras have now set the bar for security observation.

This trio’s PTZ capability captures 360° of continuous, superbly accurate panning – the first Canon models able to do so – with a 450° per second high-speed precision pan/tilt mechanism. Combine this with a 180° tilt angle range with automatic flip, and every viewpoint is in range. Their 30x Optical Zoom with automatic focus, 20x digital zoom, 58.4° wide angle view and 34.1° vertical viewing angles, equals excellence in a variety of application sites.  An impressive, wide-range of common features for these three cameras include:

  • Auto tracking and auto zoom for moving subjects, and auto gain control allowing signal strength to be increased when in reduced light levels, and then readjusted when in bright lighting circumstances (output signal strength remains steady)
  • Haze compensation, which allows these cameras to obtaining high contrast video in dewy or foggy conditions (i.e., close to water or rugged areas)
  • Custom video settings, making it possible for ideal image capturing depending on time of day and  conditions (includes exposure, shutter speed, iris, gain, white balance, and noise reduction)
  • On-board Analytics assist in analyzing video content
  • High sensitivity 1.3MP CMOS image sensors, with brilliant low-light performance
  • Powerful proprietary Cannon DIGIC (Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit) NET II (Network Video Image Processor) for concurrent streaming of H.264 and M-JPEG video streams in multiple resolutions, with enhanced processing speeds, making these cameras ideal for flexible monitoring and recording (including on compatible smartphones and tablets)
  • ONVIF 2.4.2/Profile S/Profile G Conformant accelerates fast and simple camera integration into security systems
  • Additionally: Moving Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Passing Detection, Auto-Tracking and Intruder Detection, Volume Detection and new Scream Detection.

    Canon VB-R10VE HD PTZ Network Camera

    Canon VB-R10VE HD PTZ Network Camera

  • Multiple Networking Configuration, Security and Encryption Functions, and multiple power options: 12 VDC, 24 VAC, and PoE
  • Built-in SD (Secure Digital) Card Slot
  • Focal length minimum is 4.40 mm, or 0.17 inches; maximum is 132 mm, or 5.20 inches
  • Can be ceiling or surface mounted, and while not all together invisible, dome cameras are a visible security deterrent.

Two of these cameras, the VB-R11VE  and VB-R10VE, are biological twins in several ways.

Both are IP66.5 weatherproof rated, allowing the devices to be protected against dust, water and even powerful water jets from any angle – ideal for use in rivers and ports harsh

Canon VB-R11VE HD PTZ IP/Network Camera

Canon VB-R11VE HD PTZ Network Camera

environments. Both are able to endure temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 degrees Celsius) and as high as 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius), making them impervious to harsh environmental conditions; and incorporated in their housing is an integrated heater and blower system allowing camera temperature control. The perfect security for placement in areas with harsh climates.

The two cameras are also hazardous, IK10 rated, with impervious, vandal resistant dome enclosures, and are protected against 20 joules impact, or 14.75 foot-pounds of impact force. Because it is essential that security cameras function uninterrupted in various challenging environments, these superior security cameras also have low temperatures in both start-up and operation, and provide maximum visual coverage. Twins, yes, save for one variation. The VB-R11VE HD PTZ dome camera has audio and I/O (input/output) support for audio and visual, while the VB-R10VE does not.

The third Canon security camera, the VB-R11, stands apart for a few reasons. Yes, it like the VB-R11VE has audio and I/O support, but of the three, it alone is an indoor speed dome network camera. Ideal for nearly any indoor environment where maximum visual coverage is essential, it is able to keep every angle in site. However, a flexible benefit of this camera is that it can be placed into an optional outdoor housing, making it the only one of the three cameras whose applications can be broadened to include inside and outside assignments.

Canon VB-R11 HD PTZ IP/Network Camera

Canon VB-R11 HD PTZ Network Camera

Security cameras are now a fact of life. They are installed in houses of worship, parking lots, and manufacturing plants, event surveillance, for safety or in hazardous surroundings, for loss prevention and as vandalism deterrents – and are indispensable when safety, vulnerability and protection are warranted. Their job is to safeguard whatever their lens sees…and because of this, the appropriate application and field of view required are paramount in all instances.

USA Security Systems Technologies, a division of Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. has the Canon VB-R11VE, VB-R11, and the VB-R10VE HD PTZ security cameras, and are ready to secure all safety, security and vandal installations.  Confidence and protection allow USA Security Systems Technologies to be a superior choice when HD PTZ speed dome network security cameras are required, and are waiting to assist you in all security/safety needs.


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