Bringing the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG Lens Into Focus

Things that provide a wide variety of uses make things easier to free up valuable time to address other concerns, especially in any business that requires close inspection in a noisy or vibrating environment. Come to think of it it’s hard to find a product in any market that does many things well or even one thing well and is also reasonably priced, but if you look around and research with your goals in mind which is maximize profits and are able to resist the glitz and marketing campaigns they try to fool you with so you don’t see the flaws in their products you will emerge from the smog of hard work and find a product like the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG (especially if you happen to be in the market for a Manual Iris VGA Lens for your camera).

The FL-BC2514D-VG is compatible and built for VGA-class cameras and can tackle many uses and applications including pattern matching, component positioning, missing-part inspection, board mounting, and inspection of pharmaceuticals, produce, and grains. It is especially useful with it’s sturdy lock screws in applications that require vibration control such as mobile devices, machine vision systems, inspection stations, heavy equipment monitoring/inspection, production line handling cameras with formats anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″, etc.

Weighing a tiny 76g or 0.167551 lbs. and equipped with C Mount compatibility this lens can fit in even some of tightest locations and spaces while providing a robust and vibration free image and being the perfect companion to any compatible camera. Compare any competing vibration lens against it and you will be glad you made the choice to buy this cheap, compact, built to last lens to manage your business needs.

People that know their business well buy products that they know will perform up to their standards and the Ricoh FL-BC2514D-VG Lens lives up to nothing less than the highest of standards. Contact us today to find out even more in depth info on this and other great security camera products at or call us at 888-875-6091.

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