Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor and Recorder NEW and Available NOW!

Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K: Blackmagic Design just introduced their newest DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K and DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K PCIe capture cards. Armed with all the effective features of the HD (High Definition) models, these new additions include new Ultra HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) features, and are low profile 4 lane generation 2 PCI Express cards that include 6G-SDI and HDMI 2.0a connections.

Decklink is the world’s highest performance capture and playback cards for Mac, Windows and Linux

DeckLink capture and playback cards are the mainstay in the production of television commercials, music videos, episodic television programs and Hollywood feature films. With inherent cutting edge technologies, the maximum in both video quality and reliability are easily achieved. To date, DeckLink capture cards are able to support the most in applications and platforms, so users can rely on familiar software.

Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor and RecorderBlackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor and Recorder

Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor: BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K

BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K is DeckLink’s Mini Monitor 4K, low profile 4-lane PCIe slot playback card. It encompasses multi-rate 6G-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) connections, and state-of-the-art HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) 2.0a connections for monitoring all formats up to 2160p30 from a computer. With the ability to deliver better than broadcast superiority in SDI and HDMI outputs, users have the ability to connect to any television or monitor, and the monitor will automatically identify and switch between all video formats. This ability allows them to be the perfect choice for professional monitors, televisions and advanced HDMI projectors. These capabilities are coupled with the most cost-effective mini monitor 4K to date! High dynamic range playback and metadata is also a bonus over HDMI, and for backing Rec. 2020 color space. Rec. 2020 (Rec. stands for Recommendation) is the designated color space for ultra-high definition TV, (UHDTV), in both 4K and 8K.

The Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor, BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K, model is able to reinforce, secure and playback SD (Secure Digital), HD (High Definition) or Ultra HD video with assistance for embedded SDI audio, achieving complete compatibly with all existing equipment.

The BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K Decklink Mini Monitor 4K’s features also include:

  • 4:2:2 Video Sampling
  • 16 Ch Audio Embedded in HD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD and HD HDMI
  • OS X, Windows, and Linux Compatible
  • Outputs Uncompressed 10-Bit Video

Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4 Recorder: BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K

The Blackmagic Decklink Mini 4K Recorder,  BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K  is a low profile PCIe capture card. Thanks to 6G-SDI and advanced HDMI 2.0a connections, all formats can be computer recorded up to 2160p30, including HDR. As with the BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K Decklink Mini Monitor, both SDI and HDMI inputs are automatically distinguished and interchangeable between all video formats. This BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K has the ability to capture broadcast-quality video YUV and 12-bit RGB video straightforwardly from SDI and HDMI locations (desks and cameras) to a computer, with 10-bit HDMI color precision. Similarly, the BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K Mini Recorder accepts high dynamic range recording and metadata over HDMI, together with support for Rec. 2020 color space.

Noteworthy, is that the DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K is furnished with two PCle Express cards for full height and low profile slots. Additionally, the mini recorder 4K is able to withstand a temperature range, 32° to 104° F (5° to 40° C), allowing integration into applications experiencing sudden temperature fluctuations. And with its small size (4.70 inches) and light weight (3.17 ounces), space is never a consideration.

The BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K is completely adaptable, and ideal in portable live-capture applications, i.e. broadcast vans and production trucks. Working with uncompressed and compressed video in open, typical file formats like QuickTime and DPX, they are attuned with essentially all professional editing, color correction and visual effects software. The delightful outcome of this, is that the DeckLink Mini 4K model is exceptionally useful with DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, After Effects CC, Steinberg Cubase, and Steinberg Nuendo, Photoshop CC, Media Express, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro software, as well as a host of additional programs. Even customized capture results utilizing the Blackmagic Desktop Video SDK for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux can be achieved.

Available connections include:

  • 1 x 10-bit SD/HD/Ultra HD switchable – SDI Video Input
  • 16 channels embedded in SD, HD, Ultra HD – SDI Audio Input
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0a connector – HDMI Video Input
  • 8 Channels embedded in SD, HD, Ultra HD – HDMI Audio Input
  • Gen 2 PCIe Express 4 lane, compatible with 4, 8 and 16 lane PCIe slots – Computer Interface

Included software: Media Express, Disk Speed Test, LiveKey, Blackmagic System Preferences and Blackmagic driver on Mac OS X and Windows. And with the internal software upgrade, firmware is built into the software driver, and is loaded at system start-up or via updater software.

Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K Monitor and Recorder are completely compatible with the Blackmagic Desktop Video SDK. Because of this, they are perfect for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or designers assembling custom playback or recording solutions. Handily, both DeckLink Mini 4K models include a full height and a half height PCI shield, for easy installation into either a standard computer PCIe slot, or into systems with low profile slots such as rack mount server style computers.

USA Security Systems Technologies  has the Blackmagic DeckLink Mini 4K monitor and recorder available now for purchase! As a division of Aegis Electronic Group. Inc., they are a leading online distributor of high-quality, name-brand professional and consumer audio and video, security and surveillance products at cost-effective pricing. Continuing their impressive reputation for reliability inventory with speedy shipping and stellar customer service, USA Security Systems combines easy to use software with state of the art hardware, offering integrators, OEMs and consumers the complete tools needed to reduce development costs and delivery times.

The Blackmagic BMD-BDLKMINIMON4K DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K and BMD-BDLKMINIREC4K DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K are ready to be added to your inventory immediately! Call USA Security Systems Technologies TODAY!


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