Axis MK II Network Camera Series: H.265 Compression in Peak Form

The new models of MK II Series Network Camera from Axis Communications have arrived and they might be putting other Network Security Cameras on notice, they came out swinging and hit a home run with new models: M2026-LE, M3106-L and M3106-LVE MK II all boast outstanding video compression with H.264 and now supporting H.265 with Zipstream which maximizes image quality and eliminates bandwidth and storage. Another space saving option is the Axis Corridor Format which detects long hallways and switches to portrait stream. Listed below are some of the features that separates it from other network cameras.


  • Built-in IR Illumination
  • 4 MP Video Quality
  • Axis Zipstream Technology
  • Supports Video Analytics
  • Discreet and flexible
  • Fast, easy, cost saving installation

All this space saving doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed as the MK II Series comes equipped with Quad HD Video or 2688 x 1520 pixel video and 4MP or 320 x 240 pixels Resolution Images. They also have outstanding range in field of view with a 130° horizontal range and 73° vertical so that one camera covers the area that previously you might have had to use up to 2 or 3 to cover a wide area of surveillance. They don’t have cameras that cover this many features for such a low price, Axis is showing you can make a security/surveillance camera for a reasonable selling price that gives you the best of the latest technology. This is a company making a name for itself in the industry with this and other strong new products on the market.

With its compact sizes (4” around 6.9” across when straight ahead) and ease of install the MK II can be placed in almost any area to make it as inconspicuous as possible but still give you a great view of whatever you want an eye kept on, even at night the built in IR illumination can see crystal clear and take sharp images up to 49 FT (15 M). It’s also tough as nails as it can operate in the worst of conditions whether it is rough weather, dust, sand and salt spray or ice formation and high water pressure streams or even vandals. It has a integrated sun and rain protector and is IP66 Rated against water and NEMA 4X Rated against dust and dirt and can go all the way down to -22° F (-30°C) and even operate well in the highest heat up to 122° F (50° C) so no matter what the environment does you will be able to count on this camera capturing the video and keep your space secure.

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