A Guide to Wireless Security Systems for Businesses

These days businesses spend a lot on security, specifically video surveillance, but for a lot of mid-to-small size businesses this isn’t an option due to financial constraints. Knowing this info we looked into some minimal options to go into making a wireless security setup, this wireless package is presented using only one camera so it would probably fit best as small business security solution but can obviously be scaled up for a bigger operation/business. The camera, DVR and Monitor presented all have wireless capabilities and are designed to work well with each other and deliver HD images and video as well as store and view them in real time and cameras work well in low light or night time conditions with it’s IR capabilities making this a perfectly versatile outdoor or indoor security camera solution.

Benefits Of Wireless Security Systems


If you are wondering what the upside is to having a wireless security system there are a few things that will set them apart so depending on your need you will have to plan accordingly. The first most obvious thing is that the system doesn’t need any wiring or cabling to connect to one another and transmits data wirelessly over an internet protocol or IP address using your own home or business internet/network connection. This can save both time and money if you have large distances to cover or multiple cameras or even just want to have a simple system that is clutter and cable free and less to maintain overall. We have trained staff that can help you with this decision if need be, but in the case you want a wireless system or are curious about some of the products we have put together a wireless package that is a great all around fit below.

Three’s Company: Products Needed for a Wireless System


Wireless Security Camera:

Ganz ZN-MB243M H.264 Outdoor IP Bullet Mini Camera
Price: $289.00

For camera selection we have many to chose from at USA Security for your wireless security plans but for this article we have chosen one with a good price point as well as the technology to be adaptable and compatible with most or all wireless security setups. The Ganz ZN-MB243M is an outdoor bullet camera that is outfitted with IR (infrared) capable of seeing distances of up to 23’ in low light or darkness and IP66 rated for all weather conditions. It doesn’t have to be confined to the outdoors though, it can be placed just about anywhere you need it with its small size and mounted easily with included mounting bracket and sunshield for if your application is outdoor use.  

ZN-MB243M Features:

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • 4.3mm Lens
  • True Day/Night
  • Privacy Masking
  • PoE Power supply (802.3af Class 2)
  • Motion Triggered Alarm
  • ONVIF Profile S Compliant
  • Dual Streaming Video
  • Service Monitor Output
  • DPC (Defective Pixel Correction)
  • IP66 rated for all weather conditions
  • 18 IR LEDs provide over 26′ illumination
  • Sunshield and mounting bracket included
  • Plug and Play with PixelMaster Embedded NVR with no configuration required*

*If looking for further budget options, the built in recorder provides minimal storage for those with small business or who do not need to store recordings or manage multiple cameras at once, but for those needing additional recorders/storage see product below*


Wireless Security Recorder:

Ganz NR8H-3TB Surveillance Video Recorder
Price: $1,576.00


Once you have a camera you will be storing relevant and relatively new footage and will possibly need access to it in the future in the event something unusual or bad happens and to hold all that footage as well as camera monitoring and remote viewing capabilities to name a few, you will need to get a Recorder. The Ganz NR8H-3TH Video Recorder is the perfect companion/sidekick to any quality security camera and this one is perfect for our wireless setup with its efficient video compression for space saving, plug and play abilities with no configuration or built in monitoring real time or fan failures and temperature fluctuations just to name a few things. It has 3TB with 5 built in hard drive slots for extra memory and can support between 8-10 cameras or video channels.

NR8H-3TB Features:

  • HD 1080p recording – up to 240 fps
  • 3TB HDD
  • Built-in PoE switching Hub
  • Efficient H.264 compression
  • Automatic router port forwarding
  • Remote F/W upgrade
  • Full HD GUI
  • Monitoring for fan failure and temperature
  • HDD failure notification (S.M.A.R.T)
  • Remote viewer: PC & web based remote agent, smartphone applications
  • Plug and play PixelPro IP cameras with no configuration required


Wireless Security Monitor:

ViewZ VZ-215iPM 22” HD LED IP Security Monitor
Price: $741.00

Now that we have a good base security package with our versatile camera and DVR we need a monitor to view all the action whether it be in real time or going back through previous recordings and the ViewZ VZ-215iPM HD LED IP Security Monitor fits in perfectly as a trio. This model of security monitor is 21.5” Widescreen Flat Panel LED Commercial-Grade Monitor with available Ethernet, USB, Micro SD and HDMI ports capable of remote viewing up to 9 cameras at once. It is capable of wall mount and or stand alone on a surface and with its HD resolution and Quad core CPU it should be able to keep up with the demands any camera puts on it.

VZ-215iPM Features:

  • 21.5″ Flat Panel Widescreen LED “A” Commercial-Grade Monitor
  • One 10/100 Ethernet Port and 2 USB Ports
  • Ideal for Remote Viewing 1 – 9 Cameras
  • Sequential Viewing Mode & 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 9 Channel Viewing Modes Available (via built-in ViewZ App)
  • Over 10000 IP Camera Models Supported including ViewZ IP-PVM series
  • One Micro SD and One Micro USB Port
  • Full HD 1920×1080 Resolution / 16:9 Ratio
  • Auto Power / Source Recovery
  • VESA 100×100 Wall Mount Support
  • DC 12V, 3.3A(AC100 ~ 240V[50/60Hz])

Whether you need a one or all of these amazing options or even something else we have many cameras, recorders, monitors, lenses, cables, accessories and anything else camera or security related you can think of. It all comes down to the size and layout space you need to oversee and how much you have in mind to spend to accomplish making your business secure. Come check us out today at www.usasecuritysystems.com or give us a call at 888-875-6091 and we will be able to help you design your own system for your specific needs.