5 Benefits Of A Quarter Sized Camera

This camera is built to blend into almost any environment or application you can think of whether it is for close up security or surveillance with ATM/Bank monitoring or Intercom systems for office buildings and houses, anything you can think of where a small camera is needed to be functional but still have great picture quality. They also perfectly fit more specialized applications such as monitoring for mobile driverless vehicles whether they be on land or in the air or underwater and offer law enforcement applications as well for on the job monitoring and suspect identifications. The applications are endless or to put it better the options are Infinite.

The newest offering from Infinite Pixels (MS430F3) adds to their stellar reputation for manufacturing high quality electronic equipment for various industries and applications. One of their latest cameras, the Infinite Pixels MS430F3 is an ideal HD Full 1080P 2.43MP CMOS Sensor camera that packs a lot of punch in a tiny compact size. Barely bigger than a quarter and customizable with 9 different lens options, this lens can be used in just about anything you can think of with it’s compact size and high resolution picture, the options are really endless. Below are just a 5 of the many benefits to this multi-dimensional camera, the options can go as far as your imagination.


  • Smaller than a quarter
  • 9 adjustable lens options available
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 2.43MP
  • Perfect for any job big or small

This camera is the perfect blend of size, function and reliability and could fill many more roles and functions, even in low light conditions it performs exceptionally well with excellent picture quality. These cameras can be customized with any of our 9 lens options for a package that suits specific jobs or individual needs with several sizes including 2.45, 2.8, 3.6, 6.0, 8.0 and 12mm for fixed lens and 2.8~12 Varifocal for variable lens. Two other options are the 3.7mm Flat pinhole lens and the 3.7 mm Supercone Pinhole. Between the dynamic camera and the lens options there is nothing left untouched, if you want a versatile camera that can do about any job you throw at it and can be used for a large variety of functions.

USA Security offers complete customized camera package solutions with a large variety of lens and cable or related solutions to support a wide variety of needs and applications. 

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