Auto Tracking All Weather PTZ Camera Ready For Anything

The InVid Tech VIS-P2PTZXIR30 has an endless list of amazing features and specs that show off how much technology it packs into such an affordable and well-built package, this auto tracking all weather PTZ camera is ready for anything with capabilities designed for the outdoors like a 30x optical zoom (16x digital), smart extended range infrared up to an amazing 492 feet. On top of this, it is IP66 weather resistant and digital defog equipped and operates in temperatures as low as -40° F.

Whether you have a small business that needs reliable and technologically sound cameras and equipment, a large business that requires multiple cameras and large areas to cover or even just excellent home surveillance that can be operated through smartphone or tablet over a network connection.

Smarter Than Your Average Camera 

Smart Analytics features such as behavior detection with predefined virtual lines that trigger certain camera functions to turn on or start recording as well as auto track specific targets that show up on camera.

The cameras intelligent identification is also able to people count and track audio and facial detection all designed to help keep security functioning strong and deter criminals from even trying. The audio is also two way for direct communications but a full list of main features is listed below for more in-depth specs visit the product page here.



  • 2 Megapixel (1920 x 1080) Resolution 
  • H.265/H.264/MJPEG Compression
  • True Day/Night
  • Smart Analytics 
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • Auto-Tracking
  • Digital WDR
  • Smart EXIR Range up to 492’ 
  • Audio Input/Output
  • IP66 Weather Resistant
  • Operates to -40° F
  • Micro SD Card Local Storage, 128 GB
  • 24V AC/DC, PoE (PSE Required, sold separately)
  • Free iOS & Android Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Free Central Management Software (CMS) to manage multiple units & sites from a single platform

The InVid Tech VIS-P2PTZXIR30 2 Megapixel 1/2.8” Progressive Scan PTZ Camera is one of the best on the market today in the field of security and surveillance and is adaptable as well as well performing at a great price point, but as always be it one of these or many of the other selections we have you can be sure that we carry everything you need at and will be able to help you design your own system if needed by calling us at 888-875-6091 and speaking to a sales person directly so that we can cater to your specific needs.

A Guide to Camera Mount Options

Support is a big thing in a lot of aspects of life and camera mounts are no different, that’s why we decided to come up with a guide to camera mount options because choosing the right mount can be a huge difference in getting sturdy and sometimes even waterproof/dustproof support or getting a broken or life shortened camera that you spent hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars on, only to be stuck with a mounted paperweight.

Getting It Right

When it comes to choosing the right mount for your camera it can seem like a lot of complicated options and similar sounding names and functions but the details can make all the difference. The first thing you want to consider may seem obvious but its a very important question that will diverge down two different paths, and that is whether you will be needing a mount designed for an outdoor or indoor camera(s). The second thing you will look for is where you want your camera to be mounted. What kind of angles and spaces in and around your building provide a good point of view and open space to easily mount a camera? What kind of objects can potentially get in the way or what kind of decor do you have that may prevent spots from being used?

You want to go over these things for your personal space that you are thinking about mounting a camera to and plan accordingly as location can be a make or break it thing and possibly make extra work if not planned out all the way.

Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest questions you will face with choosing a mount is the location choice. Depending on factors such as surrounding area, foliage and plant life, telephone poles and wires, man made objects, etc. and that is just for outdoors. Indoor you have equipment and furniture to get around as well and clear paths or choose creative angles to get the positioning just right and get the most out of the mount and camera system you’ve purchased. If you have a camera you would like to mount outdoors you can choose from a range of options between wall, pole, pendant, and gooseneck mount options and depending on if its an area that gets a little colder or hotter than most other places we have dome and long body housing with heaters and cold air blowers to keep the camera at a stable temperature and reduce fog and glare, these are perfect for outdoor IP or network cameras. Dome covers will come in a tinted or clear dome and indoor installed cameras can be easily mounted on the wall or on the ceiling as well as pendant or a pole mount if available.

All in all we have a ton of selection in both outdoor and indoor options whether its ceiling mounts, dome housings, pole mounts, outdoor and indoor housings, pendant mounts, rack mounts, swing mounts, tinted/clear dome housings, wall mounts and waterproof camera housings it really just comes down to how you want to set up your system and creatively maneuver your cameras to meet your security needs. Whatever angle or job you are trying to capture we have the tools to help make it happen no matter how complicated or impossible it may seem.

Whether you need a budget friendly option or the big budget option all of these mounts are amazingly capable and will give you a bang for your buck and then some. It all comes down to the size and layout space you need to oversee and how much you have in mind to spend to accomplish making your business secure. Be it one of these or many of the other selections we have you can be sure that we carry everything you need at and will be able to help you design your own system if needed by calling us at 888-875-6091 and speaking to a sales person directly so that we can cater to your specific needs.

Tatung’s Monster Of A Monitor Always Performs

Tatung’s Monster Of A Monitor Always Performs very well even for long periods of time with crystal clear images. The TME50 50” (diagonal) has the highest resolution of 1920 X 1080 resolution and is a solid standout with its superior LED high definition display that offers an 8ms (millisecond) response time so that images are viewed with the least bit of pixelation and with no lag or ghosting.  What does a 4000:1 contrast ratio mean to you?  It means brilliant blacks in even the brightest of rooms and the whitest whites in everyday normal settings.  To properly display these awesome features, DVI is supported through not only one but two HDMI inputs with one in the back and one located on the side.  Two USB A-Type slots supporting MPEG-4 video, JPEG, TXT and MP3 are located on the side as well as a 1/8” earphone jack.  All of these inputs are readily available in the lower left rear of the case with easy access. And of course, all of these features wouldn’t be the same without a remote.

HD Displays Everywhere (As Security Grows)

Technology has certainly changed over the past 30 years (or even 15 for that matter) when once upon a time a 19” CRT monitor was crowned top of the line and 25” were considered whoppers for a computer monitor.  Who would have thought of hanging a 50” display on your wall even 10 years ago!?  Wall mounting accessories are available through USA Security Systems but if you find that you are not wall mounting this display, a detachable base is included.  Space for this display is much more compact with the base depth taking up only 2.63” plus the width of the screen measuring 44.69”.  However, even with all the latest technology available, there are still many older security camera systems in place with the older CRT monitors.  The release of Tatung’s TME50 (part of Tatung’s TM series of security surveillance monitors) gives integrators and end users the opportunity to upgrade their systems at a cost-effective price. Tatung’s TME50 is a high end High Definition LED monitor that can be used in a wide variety of applications and markets including traffic, military, security surveillance and even digital signage due to the variety of inputs it comes with (Composite Video, VGA, HDMI, USB, Audio Input & DVI (via an adaptor through HDMI that is sold separately). Large house of worship locations that transmit services to parishioners can reap the benefits of the TME50 as well as broadcast editing and video conferencing engineers.  The smallest institution to the largest organization, this display will please any size technology and monitoring department looking for high-end quality and great features.  Coming in at the size of a small billboard and adaptable to smaller space, this is definitely an inexpensive solution for monitoring and surveillance.  This latest contribution from Tatung is the LED monitor of your dreams with exceptional clarity and offers affordability with the brilliance of 1080p HD resolution and the best image out there of any shape, size or type of display.

USA Security Systems Technology offers Tatung’s TME50 along with all accessories (mounting, cabling and stands) needed.  Always here to answer any questions, contact us for more information regarding prices, shipping or any other concerns.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always here to help with your application needs.

Plug in and go worry free with the Axis M3045-V

When we say plug in and go worry free there is no more fitting description than that for powerhouse that is Axis communications and the M3045-V is a fitting example of how they are able to squeeze so much technology and value into a camera that is far more affordable than most competitors especially when you realize all this camera is capable of, its the perfect bang for your buck.

For starters, we have 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD quality with up to 30 frames per second going up to 60 frames per second in 720p and Zipstream technology to save bandwidth and space storage for all the HD videos built up when recording a business or security surveillance. If needed it also has HDMI output for direct connection or live streaming (as well as multi-stream viewing) to a public or network capable monitor.

Worry Free Security 

What makes it perfect for security is the fact that it can do all this as well as capture great details in low light and dark areas and small enough to be discreet and unnoticeable. This coupled with a 106° horizontal and 59° vertical rotation you can see more of an area with fewer cameras and cover larger areas without the need to switch views and angles constantly to get a better shot. Full rotation specs can be seen online at our website but a list of features is displayed below for convenience.


  • HDTV 1080p video quality
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for good detail in bright and dark areas
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology – saves bandwidth without sacrificing quality
  • HDMI output for live streaming to a public monitor
  • Digital PTZ and multi-view streaming
  • Ultra-compact, discreet design and cost-effective installation
  • Supports intelligent analytics

Worry Free Install

As I mentioned before these can be installed just about anywhere by even the most challenged newcomer and will fit in the palm of your hand it is so small. Whether you choose to put it outdoors or indoors though it will be focused and dialed in from the factory and with its 3-axis camera-angle adjustment, it can be easily leveled and directed in any direction. It is also vandal resistant and dust resistant to be able to tough out or weather any environment you throw it into. As always no matter what you are looking for, when it comes to retail security and audio video equipment we have everything you need, just contact us out today at or give us a call at 888-875-6091 and we will be able to help you design your own system for your specific needs.

Capture Anything With The Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K

When it comes to streaming and storing video, usually it can be a difficult thing to manage that involves a lot of software and know how in video and image file formats to download and convert the old fashioned way, but you can capture anything with the Blackmagic Design’s Intensity Pro 4K in incredible 4K quality and ease, including SD, HD or Ultra HD formats. It also works great with any devices using all forms of connection as well including HDMI, YUV and S-Video cables and now with 4K support, it can capture Ultra HD images at up to 30 frames per second or 1080HD at an incredible 60 frames per second!

Capture Anything And Everything, Any Software You Choose 

Applications are near endless and improved upon the original intensity pro with 4K support so that you can use it for just about anything that involves transferring, capturing or converting digital media. Y
ou can even connect your cameras and use Intensity Pro 4K for live video game or blog streaming, video conferencing for businesses, presentations and even live talk shows and news broadcasts. It can scale up and down to handle just about any size job you need and work with a wide array of hardware and software.

The Blackmagic Design’s Intensity Pro 4K is compatible with a multitude of these editing software applications such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Media Composer, Fusion, After Effects, Flash just to name a few of the many it will work with. For a list of the full features see below.


  • Connect and Capture from Anything – Edit and stream video, capture gameplay or convert old tapes
  • Highest Quality Connections – Connect to all of your SD, HD and Ultra HD devices
  • SD, HD and Ultra HD – Supports video formats up to 1080p60 and 2160p30
  • Intense Game Capture – Capture every thrilling moment of your latest gaming adventure
  • Archive Old Tapes and DVDs – Preserve your most valuable video forever
  • Simply Better Quality – Broadcast quality components for broadcast quality video
  • Works With Everything – Use the video software you know and love
  • DaVinci Resolve – Professional editing, grading and delivery included free
  • Capture Media Like The Professional’s

Capture Media Like The Professional’s

Professional in the film and television industry only use high quality formats to ensure high quality video and playback, using formats such as ProRes & DNxHD, or as fully uncompressed 10-bit video, the 10 bits may not seem like much but as you will see in the gradients below it can make a huge difference with one color imagine multiple colors, it can make it seem choppy and pixelated.

The Blackmagic Desing Intensity Pro 4K makes sure you always have the sharpest color precision and high quality video no matter what you are using from old VHS tapes to 4K live streams and video broadcasts.
No matter what you are looking for, when it comes to retail security and audio video equipment we have everything you need, just contact us out today at or give us a call at 888-875-6091 and we will be able to help you design your own system for your specific needs.

A Guide To Business Security Systems Cost

Business Security Systems Costs Guide

If you are running a small business with a lot of demand. It can be easy to get caught up in the rush and forget the things that a good system can provide not only while you aren’t able to be there, they also provide benefits in many ways previously unknown to you. Especially with the holidays and the new year approaching things will only get more and more hectic as we move through into the new year but hectic can be good and mean growth during this time as well and we have you covered on how to help protect all your hard work. For many small businesses, business security system cost is the primary factor in choosing their surveillance solutions. 

Ways A Security System Helps Business in Ways You May Not Have Thought

In many ways, people only think of a business security surveillance system as just an eye in the sky to catch theft during business hours and capture an image of criminals who break in after hours but for the deep thinker who uses everything around them to improve it is so much more. To begin with it can be used for the obvious reversal of the theft angle and catch any brazen or bold employees who might try and steal inventory or goods but it can also be used to track inventory if you carry it and monitor any breakage/spillage or destroyed product not only for evidence in how the situation occurred but also for possible insurance reimbursement or replacement proof as product shrinkage costs the retail industry up to 46 billion a year and that’s just one form of industry. On top of this it can be used to keep employees on task and prevent time card fraud and or any kind of abuses in the workplace that may be happening and last but not least if you are stickler for documenting everything it can help with many more things that haven’t been mentioned or that come up in the future and need revisiting.

While it is true that cameras do not completely stop theft or even many of the issues mentioned before it definitely provides you with more tangible things to go on and options rather than having nothing and words can be hard to trust but a picture is worth a thousand words and a video speaks endless volumes.

Outdoor Business Security System Cost Options

These days having a camera outside is a much easier process with the advancements in technology and you can find all kinds of cameras to combat against many different types of locations with various seasons and inclement weather including humid or very cold areas with a lot of rain or snow, vandalism and/or attempted theft of cameras, low light and IR cameras for capturing dark or areas not well lit.  Whatever the scenario or potential hurdle that comes with it there is a technological solution to it, and that includes wireless or IP camera solutions for making sure that you can avoid all the problems above as well as not have a mile of cables running through your business like a spider web causing more potential cost and more potential future replacement of components and parts. One last note to mention is that these cameras also come in various miniature sizes for those working with tight spaces.

Indoor Business Security System Cost Options

Having cameras placed indoors is a much easier option as it is usually climate controlled and access to space is limited to the person or few people who have the keys to access, so that eliminates some of the threats or potential obstacles that you encounter with outdoor business security systems. You still have the same conveniences that come with wireless or IP cameras that you have outside which is less clutter and things to buy as well as less actual physical space being taken up. If space isn’t an issue though we also carry many good options for cabled cameras such as USB or Ethernet powered for the small business with not a lot of space to manage or even a large business that wants a more hard wired connection for sense of security against hacking and other issues that come with wireless connected devices. Almost all security cameras we carry are vandal resistant for both indoor and outdoor and you can choose between having a PTZ type camera with a wide range of view or an analog with a more limited range of view but no less quality in video for customers who want the focus on one or more particular spots or places with little to no movement necessary.

Depending on outside factors discussed above including surrounding objects and sight lines but these cameras have the technology to cover all bases and bring the best technology available for the price so you have a sound security system and peace of mind that you and/or your business are secure and protected. No matter what you are looking for, when it comes to retail security and audio video equipment we have everything you need, just contact us out today at or give us a call at 888-875-6091 and we will be able to help you design your own system for your specific needs.